Oproep kandidaten Boehringer Ingelheim Award

Oproep kandidaten Boehringer Ingelheim Award

In 2017 Merial became part of Boehringer Ingelheim, but a long-standing institution was not changed and the yearly award for excellent parasitological research in the Benelux remains, but its name is changed into: Boehringer Ingelheim Award.

Also in 2018 this award will be presented to a researcher in the field of veterinary or medical parasitology. Candidates from the Benelux who think they might qualify for this Boehringer Ingelheim Award, and those who want to recommend a prospective candidate, are invited to write before Monday 4 November 2019 to Prof.dr. Lodewijk Tielens. The recommendation (by email and in one single PDF file) should be accompanied with full information and documentation on research and other activities of the candidate.


For more information on the procedure please click here.


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