Boehringer Ingelheim Award 2023


2023 Boehringer Ingelheim Award 

for Parasitological Research

Entries / Submission 2023

In a long-standing tradition, there will be also in 2023 a Boehringer Ingelheim Award. This award will be presented to a researcher in the field of veterinary or medical parasitology. Candidates from the Benelux who think they might qualify for this Boehringer Ingelheim Award, and those who want to recommend a prospective candidate, are invited to write before October 31st 2023 to Lodewijk Tielens. The recommendation should be accompanied with full information and documentation on research and other activities of the candidate (by email and in one single PDF file).

The Boehringer Ingelheim Award will be given to researchers originating from Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg (Benelux) to the appreciation and stimulation of scientific research in the field of veterinary or medical parasitology.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Award is a competitive prize for young researchers who have made innovative contributions to the fields of veterinary or medical parasitology. Scientists younger than 40 years of age who have completed their PhD studies, and performed additional parasitological research of outstanding quality thereafter, are eligible. Along with the certificate honouring the achievement, the winner will receive € 3000. The award is intended to encourage continued professional ambition in parasitology in the Benelux, and to reward scientific quality and active dissemination of results in (inter)national fora.


The prize-giving ceremony will take place  in November 2023 during the Fall Meeting  of the Netherlands Society for Parasitology in Utrecht. Candidates should be prepared to attend this meeting in order to accept the prize and give a presentation on the award-winning research.

Send proposals by e-mail (in one single PDF file) to:

Prof. dr. Lodewijk Tielens

Department Biomolecular Health Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Utrecht University