Maria Yazdanbakhsh receives Spinoza Prize.

Maria Yazdanbakhsh receives Spinoza Prize.

Past-NVP president Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh of Leiden University Medical Center receives the prestigious NWO Spinoza Prize 2021. 

The NVP congratulates Maria Yazdanbakhsh with this spectacular achievement. The Spinoza Commission emphasizes that Maria is a border-crossing scientist and a worldwide pioneer in the immunology of parasitic infections. She will use the 2.5 million euro prize to gain more insight into how micro-organisms and parasites influence our immune system, both detrimentally and beneficially, and translation of these insights into the clinic. Developing young talent, with an emphasis on diversity, is also among her aims.

The NVP is thrilled that Maria receives the Spinoza Prize, which not only confirms her unique contributions to the field of parasitology and science in general, but also underlines the importance and relevance of parasitology research in the Netherlands.

The prize will be officially awarded in Den Haag on October 13, 2021


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